Today I read an interesting idea that you should not attract a client by a low price without explaining the reasons for this discount. In general, it’s better to explain why your product is the best and worth the money.

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Well try to explain. I kept low prices for a long time and this really did not bring me crowds of customers. Well, that is, I did not notice the difference … the average prices or low. BJD dolls are probably not the kind of product that people buy based on price alone. Although no! Wait! Once I had this. I asked the buyer «what kind of doll do you want? What do you like?». And the woman replied: «I do not care I need only the lowest price.» Then she begine to transfer money to the account within a few months in small portions, then altogether changed her mind and asked for everything back, made a scandal when I did not immediately read her letter (it was on Christmas Holidays). And, when I transferred the full amount back to her, despite the fact that half the work was done and the materials had already been spent, there was another strange conversation that the client is always right. Strange woman. I am sincerely glad that this was my only such case.

However, to be honest, it’s not that pleasant when the main thing that interests a person in your work is not its quality, but its price!

By the way. It was after this incident that I first sharply raised prices. And you know what? Orders have not decreased. Rather, they increased. Therefore, I can indirectly confirm the words of the author of that article. Low price does not always bring crowds of buyers.

But still, I am not attached to the prices of other authors. My prices are strictly adjusted: materials + depreciation of instruments + my time. Therefore, you can see a slight fluctuation in the price tag from doll to doll.

And still. What can I offer you? Why are my dolls better than others?

Fair? We are not better, we are different. I really don’t like the question “why am I better than others?” But I still wrote a few points that should highlight me favorably.)))) Do not judge strictly. I wrote them more for myself, not in order to attract buyers. This is a small outline of what I am striving for in my work or a testament to what I have already achieved.

  • I use only quality materials. 30% of the cost of my dolls is just materials. I work with photopolymers — these are some of the most expensive and accurate 3D printing materials. I found amazingly soft and beautiful hair for my dolls. Quality varnishes and paints, good tools. Still, it’s nice to work with a good one, right? This is perhaps 50% of the beautiful work.
  • I am a perfectionist, like many good doll masters, but still. I would rather invest my time than leave the doll unfinished. It’s as if she is sick and doesn’t know about it. Therefore, it can be difficult for me to determine how much time it may take for this or that new BJD doll.
  • I do not do circulations. All my works exist in a single copy. Starting from molds and ending with painting. I repeat successful constructions, but still, even they change from doll to doll.
  • I am constantly improving the design of my BJD dolls. This is a side effect of perfectionism.))) I can stop working on one doll, but I can not stop improving my work as a whole. Therefore, you can even trace a certain evolution of my work in terms of hinges and shapes.
  • Despite the fact that I do not make serial dolls, I use the most modern technologies in my work, and therefore I can recreate the necessary sizes and details. This is very convenient when dressing articulated dolls and especially when they are shoeing.
  • I put only good and positive thoughts into my dolls. Since dolls are not a business for me, I can focus on the creative component of this art. That is why for me the client is not always right.))) By the way. And I can afford not to do boring and annoying work. In addition, I believe and have repeated experience in materializing my thoughts. Including through dolls. Therefore, I know how important it is to invest goodness and love in work. In the end, that’s why people love handmade. Because he keeps in himself the warmth of the soul of the author.
  • In my work on dolls, I use several secrets, personal experiences that allow me to create a solid multi-color painting of the doll’s whole body. A painting that can be washed with water and soap, which is very durable to abrasion.
  • I have been creating BJD dolls for over 7 years! Around 2012.
  • Only with me, perhaps you can buy a BJD doll at the cost of only its materials, if you are really a great connoisseur of dolls, a collector and like to attend relevant exhibitions. (write about this personally, I’ll tell you everything)
  • Since the sale of my first articulated doll (by the way, it has already been resold several times, despite the damage and restoration), my work has grown in price by more than 3 times. I think the next new price increase is expected in about a year.

Such things, friends. Perhaps these are all my positive aspects, which explain the prices and value of me, as the author of BJD dolls. I chose a difficult path, non-standard equipment and technology. I had to invent a lot. But now I am creating unique dolls, with unique properties and features. At least personally I do not know the second such author. Email me if you know. I would love to talk to him. But the other does not mean better or worse. I generally think that dolls are emotions. Here you like this work, this author and all!

Have a nice day! Love and goodness!

русский вариант текста…



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