About my virtues.))) And a little about even greater virtues. And you thought it would be different?

«There are artists who are much better than other artists … Therefore, their work is very expensive.»

русский вариант текста…

In reality, the price of the doll is directly proportional to the fame of the author. In general, a rather subjective art. Someone likes one, someone else.

BraNaDolls авторская шарнирная кукла

But still, I try not to get attached to the prices of others. My prices are strictly verified: materials + depreciation of tools + working hours. Therefore, you can see a slight fluctuation in the price tag from doll to doll.

And yet, what can I offer you?

Fair? Do not judge strictly. I wrote these points rather for myself. This is a small outline of what I am striving for in my work or a testament to what I have already achieved.

  • I use only high-quality materials — this is 30% of the value of my dolls. I work with photopolymer — one of the most expensive and accurate 3D printing plastics. I found soft and beautiful hair for my dolls. Quality varnishes and paints, good tools. Still, it’s nice to work with good materials, right? This is 50% success.
  • I am a perfectionist, like many doll masters, but still. I would rather spend my time than leave the doll unfinished. It’s as if she is sick and doesn’t know about it.
  • I have been doing dolls since 2012. A trifle, but nice.
  • I do not take an advance payment before printing. I return the full amount if the doll did not like. I don’t take the work if I can’t do it well. I repair several parts for free under warranty. And I can provide installments, such as is convenient.
  • I do not make dolls in series. All my works exist in a single copy. Starting from body and ending with painting. I repeat successful designs, but still, even they change from doll to doll.
  • I am constantly improving the body structure of my bjd. This is a side effect of perfectionism.))) I can stop working on one doll, but not at all. Therefore, you can even trace some evolution of my work in terms of shapes.
  • Despite the fact that I do not make serial dolls, I use the most modern technologies in my work, and therefore I can recreate the necessary sizes and details. This is very convenient when dressing bjd and especially when they are shoeing. Or in case of breakdowns. Anything can happen. And I can fix it all.
  • By the way. It seems to me that it is very important to invest in work love and positive. In the end, that’s why people love handmade. Because he keeps in himself the warmth of the soul of the author.
  • In my work on dolls I use several secrets, personal developments that allow me to create a solid multi-color painting of the doll’s whole body. A painting that can be washed with water and soap, which is very durable to abrasion. My dolls can be quite actively exported. BJD live to move, I believe.
  • I can make a doll look like someone from photographs. The price of this issue is very dependent on needs. Someone needs to change the nose, but with someone we are working on the whole face.

Perhaps these are all my main positive aspects. I chose a difficult path and non-standard technology. I had to invent a lot. But Dolls are emotions. Here you like this work, this author and all!

“I don’t know why, but I need this doll” is the collector’s motto.

Have a nice day! Love and goodness!

русский вариант текста…


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