My BJD dolls guys.

You know, I love making dolls in pairs. I believe that many authors in vain do not pay enough attention to guys, but make them only for their clients who want their doll «not bored.» I make articulated dolls boys as separate characters.

But I, of course, also want to see my girls happy. Perhaps this is a feature of man — to animate dolls, ascribe to them the properties of a human character.

Русский вариант текста…

Not so long ago I read a very interesting methodology for fulfilling desires. Yes, from time to time I read such things and sincerely believe that any desire can be fulfilled. At least all of our psychology and physiology work in close connection with our feelings and thoughts. You can search for keys and not see them right in front of your nose. «Who put the hammer in its place? !!!» — how workers swear in my husband’s workshop.)))) In general, I really think that thought is material, and the world around us is more likely subjective than objective. (I will write about this in the future) So this is an interesting technique for fulfilling wishes …

Any object that pretty for you like you can be a magical artifact, just give it your love, animate it. And here we can talk a lot about all kinds of metaphysics and astral bodies. But the truth is this … By adjusting our consciousness and subconscious mind to love, to positive feelings and thoughts, thinking about what we really want, we quietly program ourselves for this. When I created my first pregnant doll, I was treated for infertility for 7 years. Now I have three sons … Therefore, I always talk with my dolls. Especially while I create them. I ask them and myself what they want to be? Who is it? And already the hand itself draws, departing from the intended plan, as if the doll had found a soul and wants to be just that. This is another reason why I do not like to work in strict frameworks, on order. It seems like deprive the process of magic, and the doll becomes just a doll, without a soul … an object. Although then the customer animates it, of course.

But I go a little off topic … What can I add specifically to my BJD guys?

It should be noted that my art dolls are men less developed than girls. Just because they appeared later. But I am working on the design of all my dolls, on their figures and body sculptures constantly. Therefore, even the bjd boys I have are very different. Especially faces, since I always try to make orders that are interesting to me, and people often ask me to do something by photo. To the question of the soul, right?))) If I’m not at all interested, and I don’t see the form, I will try not to tackle such dolls. However, all my customers are creative and interesting people. They themselves never offered me a boring job.

In general, the diversity of my male dolls is growing. And I hope to bring this side of my work to perfection, I am looking for beautiful examples of male figures and faces. As an artist, I see beauty in different images and characters. And, of course, I love complex personalities, images that make think. I hope I succeed in creating dolls with character.

By the way, I must definitely make bjd kids.))) This will be especially touching work, since my children, having appeared in this world, greatly influenced my worldview and attitude. I would like to convey this also in my dolls, because creativity is always a reflection of the artist’s soul.

Русский вариант текста…


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