Designer articulated doll Bear. My name is Umka.


This is one of my favorite works.

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This doll was ordered to me by one popular winter sportswear brand. combearzon As the name implies, they needed a bjd doll Bear. And so my Umka was born.

By the way, if we consider such an acute issue as clothes and especially shoes for articulated dolls, then in my case everything is much simpler. Open eBay, choose what we like and approximately fit the desired doll size, buy, and only then make a doll for this size. 3d printing is a very flexible tool for creating author’s dolls. And, despite the fact that I write the size of the dolls and prices for them, in fact, I can easily make any growth doll from and to. I can even 36.87654cm. Therefore, in matters of shoes, you can go from the opposite. It’s comfortable. For example, for this doll we specially selected and ordered shoes.

And yes, she, of course, is my next werewolf. Zoomorph doll or animag. As you like more. Wonderful white Bear from the north, touching and cute, like teska from the cartoon of the same name.

By the way, the clothes of this articulated doll is also an eBay gift. And her head changes partially or completely so that it can be with bearish and human ears.

In general, I ask you to love and favor an author’s girl named Umka. Her height is 50cm (I rarely, but still work in this size) Materials: plastic photopolymer white, painting and varnish with UV protection, hair — silk and kanekalon (such an interesting combination)

русский вариант статьи…

Other articulated werewolf dolls.

other dolls …


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