Hello dear readers, from all over the world. I know you often come to me. My site has a plugin that can translate it into any language. Of course, the translation will be machine, but I still think it’s convenient. Language switch, translator is at the bottom of each page. Unfortunately, it is impossible to…

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Русский текст ниже => I also make custom-made dolls. Growth can be any in the range from 30cm/11,81 inch to 50cm/19,68 inch. I can repeat everything that I did before or make from photographs, portrait resemblance. I don’t change only the construction of my dolls, because it’s practically verified. And innovations require testing. Custom-made dolls…

Material color

Немного о процессе и возможностях материала. A little bit about the process and the possibilities of the material.


A little process))) How do you like the print quality?